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Nathan Jacobs

I am a computer vision researcher, but I also work on (deep) machine learning, remote sensing, and medical imaging. If you are interested in discussing research, feel free to reach out via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You can also send me an email: my address is just the url of this site with the '' replaced by ''.

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I am excited about using computer vision and machine learning techniques to understand the world. I have focused on a variety of problems, including time-lapse understanding, environmental monitoring, remote sensing, medical imaging, and video surveillance. You can learn more by visiting my lab website or checking out my CV.


Nathan Jacobs earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis (2010). After many years at the University of Kentucky, he is currently a Professor in the Computer Science & Engineering department at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Jacobs' research area is computer vision; his specialty is developing learning-based algorithms and systems for processing large-scale image collections. His current focus is on developing techniques for mining information about people and the natural world from geotagged imagery, including images from social networks, publicly available outdoor webcams, and satellites. His research has been funded by NSF, NIH, DARPA, IARPA, NGA, ARL, AFRL, and Google.